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I am the World Mother; My devotee will get all My qualities; there is no doubt in this.

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Thereby his heart would be purified. Then he should fix that purified heart on My Whole Body. By the practice of meditating on the Mantra, the thing to be known Brahma is transformed into knowledge. Know this as certain, that the Mantra is futile without Yoga and the Yoga is futile without the Mantra. The Mantra and the Yoga are the two infallible means to realize Brahma.

Thus I have described to you the Yogas with their Angas limbs. This entry was posted by admin on September at Follow any responses to this post through RSS 2. Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site. Real Buddhism Sri Lanka: Compassion in Eco News. The Upanishads Sacred Books of the East, vols.

The S'rimad Devî Bhâgavatam, Book 1

Puranas The Puranas are post-Vedic texts which typically contain a complete narrative of the history of the Universe from creation to destruction, genealogies of the kings, heroes and demigods, and descriptions of Hindu cosmology and geography. There are 17 or 18 canonical Puranas, divided into three categories, each named after a deity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

There are also many other works termed Purana, known as 'Upapuranas.

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The Vishnu Purana by H. Wilson [] This is a primary text of the Vaishnava branch of Hinduism, and one of the canonical Puranas of the Vishnu category. Among the portions of interest are a cycle of legends of the boyhood deeds of Krishna and Rama.

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Wilson was one of the first Europeans to translate a Hindu sacred text from the original Sanskrit. His style and annotations are exceptional and very readable.

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Hollings [] English translation of a popular Hindi retelling of the Krishna cycle, based on the tenth book of the Bhagavata Purana. This is a collection of laws attributed to Manu. It contains several notable passages, including descriptions of yogic practises, and a moving hymn to the Goddess Prajapati. The Satapatha Brahmana A primary source for Vedic-era mythology, philosophy and magical practices. The Mahabharata and Ramayana are the national epics of India. They are probably the longest poems in any language. The Mahabharata, attributed to the sage Vyasa, was written down from to B.

The Mahabharata tells the legends of the Bharatas, a Vedic Aryan group. The Ramayana, attributed to the poet Valmiki, was written down during the first century A.

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The S’rîmad Devî Bhâgawatam, Book 12 (The S'rîmad Devî Bhâgawatam)

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