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There was only one way to save his life, he needed to take a charm from a Marked Sentinel, and the way to get it was that he had to seduce the owner and had willing sex with her because the charm could only be transferred through sex. Serena is a Marked Sentinel. She'd been protected by a divine charm in order to keep the necklace, Heofon, safe. As long as she was still charmed, nothing could harm her against her will. If she lost her virginity, she would lose her charm too. For the fact that she was bitten by a Mara before she was charmed, and since there was no cure for Mara poison, as soon as her charm was taken away, the disease would advance rapidly and she would finally die.

All Wraith's life, he only cared about himself. He put himself in some serious situation several times just for fun and did many horrible things without caring about the consequences. But since he met Serena, something happened inside of him. She made him see life differently.

So this was the hardest decision he had to make, to choose between his life and hers. However, the time was almost out. If he didn't take her charm, with the brotherly bond, not only he would die but also his brothers. But when Serena was in great danger from the most deadly and powerful fallen angel, he swore he would protect her no matter what it cost him. As a fan of paranormal romance stories, I can undoubtedly say that this book totally hit the spot for me.

I felt so overwhelmed while reading those scenes where the characters willingly sacrifice themselves in an attempt to save the lives of others. Those moments truly touched my heart. There were also some emotional moments that made me get a little teary-eyed. Moreover, all the plot twists were so darn brilliant, completely surprised me! If I could, I would definitely rate this book more than 5 stars! View all 44 comments. Dec 18, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Paranormal romance fans and wicked bad boy demon lovers. Ione's writing is fresh, inventive, witty, and intelligent, the characters are sexy, original, and genuine, and the story is hypnotic and full of sizzling sensuality and dark humor.

I love level-headed Eidolon and smooth-as-silk Shade, but devil-may-care bad boy Wraith has always been my favorite of the Seminus Demon brothers, so Passion Unleashed is definitely my favorite in the series so far. In Passion Unleashed, Wraith has been poisoned by an assassin and the only cure is to obtain a charm from spunky, inquisitive, spirited, independent archaeologist Serena.

Serena is a great heroine, loads of fun sort of like a blonde, virginal Lara Croft , and her chemistry and banter with Wraith is delectable. Tortured bad boy heroes are always the most passionate and surprising because when they finally fall, they fall fast, hard, and completely, and Wraith is no exception. The book has a Demonica Compendium in the back with all kinds of cool special content that makes for a kick-ass bonus. Ione is definitely a fresh voice in the paranormal romance genre and her talent as a writer is first-rate.

The Demonica series truly stands out for its originality, unique characters, dark wit, scorching sensuality, and raw eroticism. Passion Unleashed is a spellbinding and sexy read View all 11 comments. This is one of those reviews where I have to admit I'm wrong. I didn't like Wraith at all before I read this book. I thought my feelings would be unlikely to change, even though I love this series, and Larissa Ione's writing. Well, I was dead wrong. I ended up loving Wraith. And I have no regrets. Wraith is one of those heroes who snuck up on me.

I think it was the sign of the high caliber of Ms. Wraith is very in-your-face with his often unlikeable, selfish natu This is one of those reviews where I have to admit I'm wrong. Wraith is very in-your-face with his often unlikeable, selfish nature. Ione employed a careful subtlety in crafting his story. I went into it thinking that he was callous and uncaring.

But I came to realize that he had a massive defense mechanism going on. There are few people that have the power to make or break another person. And parents are at the top of the list. If someone goes bad, the first instinct is to say that he wasn't raised right. Well, that's not always true. But, I think it's very true in Wraith's case. His mother treated him like he was an abomination. I'm not saying that she doesn't have a reason to feel some bitterness about Wraith being forced on her by his Seminus demon father.

But to treat a child the way she did was just plain wrong. It's no wonder that Wraith was lacking in moral character. He cared about his brothers, and killing vampires. Not much else, after that. Sex was important because a Seminus demon will die without it. But I don't even think that sex was all that important to him. It was something that he did to stay alive.

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To him, seducing females was a biological imperative. When he found out he had to seduce a virgin human woman in order to survive the toxin he had been poisoned with, that's when things got complicated. Because of the tortures his mother afflicted on him, Wraith stays far away from human females. But, he has no choice. And he's almost ready to say no to doing it, until he finds out that the hospital that his brothers and he built will fail if he dies, there's no getting out of this particular seduction. When Wraith and Serena meet, I could feel the chemistry, but Wraith is still in callous mode.

I was still unconvinced of him as hero I could fall for. But slowly that starts to change as I saw how Wraith ended up loving Serena for who she was, how he protected her, and how he continually passed up on opportunities to do 'the deed'. And as I saw how tender his heart was, buried under many layers of scar tissue, I was seduced into softening my own heart to him.

How he suffered as his body shut down, but wouldn't take Serena, knowing he'd cause her own demise. How he gave her pleasure without consummation, which contributed to his own agony. That was the mark of selfless love. By the end of this book, I was deeply in love with Wraith. In fact, he's my favorite brother up to this point.

Serena's character was well-drawn as well. She had lived her life knowing she can never be fully intimate with a man, or she'll die. But she's managed to live a full, adventurous life, regardless of that. I liked her passion and her spirit. And her good heart. She was just the woman for Wraith. Another 'character' that took center stage was the awesome world-building and storytelling.

Ione has this reader impressed. Her world is so rich and fascinating. The way she took this concept to the next level by incorporating fallen angels, one who longs to return to Heaven, and another who strives to bring Hell to Heaven and to rule over earth as a god. What a marked, fascinating conrast. The complexity of the demon species, and their interactions with each other. How very different they all are. In my mind, a demon is a demon. Not so in this series. In some ways this series has an intense, horrific vibe to it. Not that I'm complaining. I am a fan or horror, after all.

She gets serious props with the way she's able to make me feel uneasy with some of the aspects of this story. And the action sequences were excellent, with smaller skirmishes and smack-downs, and full on epic battles. The characters get hurt, and sometimes mortally. The cost is higher than you can even imagine. The tension in this book is sustained, as you wonder how things will work out. In this dicey situation, success can only occur at the expense of someone else.

You don't find out until almost the very end of the book. And things aren't wrapped up in a neat package. A sacrifice has to be made. But at the same time, I came out of this book very satisfied. It's hard to get everything into words, but I was thoroughly satisfied with this book. I was kept guessing what would happen, in a state of delightful suspense, as this book unfolds. I was completely entertained with the beautiful romance, fiery passion, the family dynamics, the incredibly interesting world-building and lore-spinning, and the grand adventure of it all.

This was just a great book all-around. I can't wait to read Lore's story. I'm already in love with him! View all 17 comments. Aug 25, Sandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Standing up, lying down, taking you from behind. It's full of hot vampires, demons, werewolfs, fallen angels, shifters, slayers, and to sum it up everything you can imagine and want in a book like this one. Wraith has been poisoned by an assassin and the only cure is to obtain a charm from spunky, inquisitive, spirited, independent archaeologist Serena. In order to do that he has to take Serena's virginity.

Even when he senses the cure is within his reach when she begins to surrender, he realizes something - He's falling for someone who he needs to take away life from so he can save his own. Dear Eidolon and Shade, as much as i loved you guys, i'll have to ditch you for Wraith. But he's the one!

Her books are always captivating, action-packed and simply amazing. Her characters are always awesome, kick-ass and very likable. You can easily visualize what's happening because of her well done description. And you can get into the books with ease. Why i loved Wraith?: There are so many reasons why i simply adored him. Do you like bad boys? Wraith finds that special woman, but loving her comes with deadly consequences. Why i loved Serena?: Serena isn't you typical virgin.

And i think that's what makes her and Wraith so perfect for each other. She isn't afraid to be herself. For example, she ain't gonna be drinkin' tea or water when she wants whiskey just because she's in the presence of a hot guy. That's my kinda girl! And even if she's a virgin, she isn't one by choice. If she could, she would have lost it ages ago. Serena knows about sex, she hasn't got tons of experience like 'duhh' but she isn't shy about it. And we all know that with Wraith helping her out? It won't be long until she'll become a sex goddess or something like that. Either way, i'd get in.

I'd find that sweet place between your legs with my fingers, and i'd play until we were both panting. You'd be wet and ready for me when i dropped to my knees and replaced my hand with my mouth. He changed from being selfish and careless, to actually being thoughtful, protective and loving. And i absolutely adored his development! It was because it was the first time I made love to anyone. You can call me a liar or anything else, but do not doubt me on this. And I swear to you that you were the first, and you will be the last. We did get glimpses of them, but for me it wasn't enough.

Overall Passion Unleashed was my first ever actuall re-read, and guess what? Wraith is definitely my favorite of the brothers, and his story is my fav as well. There is a lot more action, humor and kick-arsery. And the ending was adorable like always. I'll be re-reading the 4th book next, and i recommend this series to everyone who hasn't read it yet! View all 37 comments. Dec 09, Julie jjmachshev rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her Demonica novels take place in an intricately built world, with enough differences from the raft of paranormals available to distinguish themselves.

The characters are NOT one-dimensional caricatures of one creature or another In "Passion Unleashed" we finally get the story of Wraith, a sex demon who's 'gotta have it'! So 'have it' he does He's the 'bad boy' of the three brothers we've read about so far and Ione certainly puts him to the test in his love story.

Wraith has been infected with a poison that has no antidote. He's only got one chance to save his life He's a sex demon--no problem. Serena is one of the 'Chosen'--she holds a relic that would be pivotal in the event of Armageddon. This same relic is all that protects her from an incurable disease she contracted at a young age. So holding on to her virginity isn't really a choice Good thing Armageddon isn't on the calendar, huh? Ummm, hold that thought. There's a fallen Angel turned renegade and he's after Serena's relic.

I mean race, is on. Oh, just one more thing. But really, sex demon, no problem, right? I don't mean to make this book sound like a light-heated paranormal romance, because it's not. Both Wraith and Serena face life and death decisions that will affect not just themselves, but their friends, loved ones, and heck Others have reviewed "Passion Unleashed" and gone into more detail so I won't take up your time with more words.

What I will say is that if you like urban fantasy, spicy paranormal romance, action and suspense, drama, and hot supernatural creatures RUN, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore and pick up this whole series. View all 19 comments. Apr 12, DarienMoya rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am just always surprised and excited when I get into one these books, seems like the last book is always a bit better than the previous. This book, good gawd I was cheering, I cried, laughed, lost my pants all at the same time.

I call that a fantastic read. A little recap, this series is the Demonica series, and it revolves around a tight knit group of demons, the first three books have been about the sem bros seminus demons and they have been good. We had Dr E, Shade and now we have Wraith, and Wraith is the bad boy, he does what he wants, kills whom he wants and has sex with anything that moves and is a demon.

Just a few simple rules, only females and no humans, he dislikes human females but his views are about to change, when the very species he hates, one will have the power to save his life. Trust comes a long way with Wraith, after the woman who birthed him kept him and tortured him, some mother she was. Therefore, Wraith is all types of assholish due to the emotional and physical pain his mom put him through. As a seminus demon, he is half-vampire and he hates that part of himself, because vampires were responsible for the most painful days of his life.

Wraith breaks them and let me tell you he breaks them like a rockstar. When taking down a few bad vamps Wraith is attacked and infected a with a poison that there is no cure for, and will eventually shut down and kill his body in a matter of weeks. Thus, begins the search for a cure and what will save his life is the very thing he would give up his life for. He will come to care he will come to love a lot.

The Deadly Consequences of Unforgiveness

Serena Kelley is charmed, translation she is protected by strong magic. No harm can come to her; only thing is this is only good if she remains a virgin. Only lover she has is her job, and when a most desired artifact is in reach, she makes her way to get it, she would have to meet Josh to receive a key and Josh is all kinds of heavenly with his face tats and blond hair.

Never realizing that the Josh she is meeting is Wraith in disguise. Now every feeling is put on the test in close proximity to this walking Adonis. It also seems some crazy man wants her virginity and charm to bring destruction to the world. Good thing she has Josh Wraith , and all he wants is to get to know her and protect her.

I noticed him from the first book, because he is such an ass but I was not in love with him. Now, I am in love with him now he is the epitome of pure awesomeness. I wanna be the Blob or a snake or something, so I can wrap myself around him and pull him into myself psychotic much he is bloody beautiful, he deserved every happiness he got and more. Also, I am convinced Wraith is a little bit gay no matter if he says otherwise, every comment he said was a little bit gay. He likes to talk about lubing up, calling someone daddy, what do you wanna kiss me, Wraith gay is definitely a very good thing.

This woman can write and I want to live in her head. I am just so happy about how much she loved him he deserved it. The info around the charm was sweet and added something dynamite to the plot. It is a showdown everyone, a kickasss showdown. It has Angels, fallen angels, wolves, hot sex and more hot sex with a dash of hot sex.

There is just so much that happens, I can't even think! I am unsure of which bro is my fave is it Shade, is it Wraith I have no clue. View all 23 comments. Ok, so 4 stars might be too high, but I'm astounded that I didn't hate the main characters, nor did they do anything to annoy me. Story goes Wraith has been poisoned by an assassin with a poison to which there is no cure, except maybe this angelic charm worn by an Aegis human. The catch, if you care about people, is removing the charm from this specific person equals death for the human.

Wraith is fine with that, until he meets the charmed human, Serena. Serena is an adventurer- Ok, so 4 stars might be too high, but I'm astounded that I didn't hate the main characters, nor did they do anything to annoy me. The catch, she has to keep her purity to keep the charm, you know, the one keeping her from dying from an incurable disease. He also hates humans and would be killing tons if the Vampire Council wouldn't punish him for it. He invests himself in Serena's search for ancient objects and he finds himself actually liking her, a human.

It's interesting how kind and caring he is to her, all while protecting her from the multiple demons and villains coming after her. Serena, she's fascinated by Wraith and his hotness, but can't ride that pony. Instead she likes him for that other stuff, like his personality and good deeds. They're also steamy together. I liked this book because of the character evolution Wraith goes through, the very evil villain Byzamoth and his way with loopholes , the coming together of different factions, the whole adventure fueled plot, and the ending.

The end hoo-rah was good and creative. The addition of Lore and Kynan was nice. Now I utterly loathed Gem to the depths of Sheoul in the previous two books, but she wasn't as bad in this book. I still loathe her and wish she'd be a causality, but she was minusculely less annoying in this book.

Liked Kynan's part in the hoo-rah and his ending. View all 29 comments. I thought the story itself was great. Wraith has been poisoned and to save himself, he has to find a special charm, an amulet whose keeper is a human. He not only has to take the item from her, but he also has to take her virginity. The three of them are closely tied to the hospital, their combined powers protecting the building and those within, but the closer Wraith come to dying, the more unstable the building itself becomes,making it nearly impossible to treat patients and save lives.

I really enjoyed the ensuing dilemma, the drama, and the angst of the situation and thought the way it was all resolved was great! Throughout the first two books, Pleasure Unbound and Desire Unchained, I saw Wraith as this incredibly tortured soul who was so far gone he was nearly beyond redemption. Even though he was still rough and edgy, he seemed almost to be a watered down version of his earlier self. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series! Aug 23, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: The story of Wraith and Serena is a mixture of a paranormal romance Wraith is a vampire-Seminus demon and an Indiana Jones archeological adventure Serena is an archeologist-top adventurer-treasure hunter.

Wraith is the second brother of Eidolon. His upbringing was really tough. Thus, he has become emotional unstable, scarred inside, untrusting, badass. And of course a man-whore. All Seminus demons are like that in order to survive. Serena has a secret since she was seven years old. She used to The story of Wraith and Serena is a mixture of a paranormal romance Wraith is a vampire-Seminus demon and an Indiana Jones archeological adventure Serena is an archeologist-top adventurer-treasure hunter.

She used to be a kid on the verge of death until she was given a charm, Heofon, by an angel which made her kind of immortal. Her immortality is connected to her virginity. As long as she is untouched, the illness will not come back and she will live forever. Unfortunately bad boy Wraith sets his eyes on her, since he learned that he needs her charm in order to survive. At the beginning, he will pose as her aid and he will help her with her adventures. Innocent Serena will be fascinated by him and she will be tempted. Seminus demons can be very persuasive and Wraith has also the advantage of visiting her dreams and making her see what she is missing.

But Wraith will also be captivated by her. He will start finally caring for someone except himself. Serena is going to have the final say! It is awesome accompanying Wraith and Serena at their adventures. It is interesting to understand what is Heofon and guess who will have it in the end. Gemella Endri aka Gem is half demon and the sister of Tayla. Kynan is one of the Aegis Elders Aegis is the demon-hunters' organization. The development of their story will not be easy because Kynan is not fond of demons. View all 8 comments. Jan 18, Penny rated it really liked it Shelves: This is one of the best Paranormal Romance Series I have ever read.

Dec 02, Kat rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm totally loving this Demonica series. Larissa Ione writes with really creative world-building and awesome connection between her characters. I love the conflict brought up in each book and also the family connection between the Sem brothers. In this third book, Wraith is featured, and he has to figure out a way to get a charm away from Serena. The charm prevents the person who possesses it from being killed or dying, and the conflict is intense because Wraith has been cursed, so he's dying, a I'm totally loving this Demonica series.

The charm prevents the person who possesses it from being killed or dying, and the conflict is intense because Wraith has been cursed, so he's dying, and Serena had been given the charm in the firs place because SHE was dying. So, the only way to save himself is to kill her which frankly, was the only part of the plot that sort of icked me out.

Wraith gets to be his usual vampire-y self, has lots of conflict with his brothers, and eventually he and Serena have to figure things out. But for the most part, it was enjoyable. I always enjoy Ione's writing. Entered on screen reader. Yes, he's stubborn and selfish and demented in a lot of ways, but he has passion as is evident in the title of his book. Please don't kill me. Love, me Yup, it's true. I've found a new lover and his name is Wraith.

I felt myself constantly asking myself that. Now, every single thing was squinted at suspiciously, every possible action was eyed from all angles to try and figure out if it had a double meaning or a hidden purpose. I was really riveted to the story. It was so multi layered and multi dimensional with so many possibilities and outcomes that I found myself just needing to know the answers.

Its not a bad thing, or a complaint, but I found it a longer book to get through than the first one. This story had double layers to everything. It was pretty cool I liked that we got bits and pieces from all sorts of perspectives in this book. She frustrated me in places but I got to a place where I felt I understood her a lot more. And then there was Harry. Was I in love with him? Hmmm, a little bit. Ok, fine, a lot. But… gah, I mean, he was kind of perfect. And I totally could see myself falling for him. I was soooooooo tempted by him! Tried to justify things.

I mean, where is the line drawn? The line after which the guy is just too fucked up to fix? Had he crossed it? But… could he still change? His actions in book 1 were unforgivable in my eyes. What if this was the story of the attempted redemption of an irredeemable man? I wanted to love him. I loved his spark. But… what if its not about justification. What if it was about change? That was impossible to deny. But… was the change enough? Love should never be forced. Who has never known it.

Never been shown it. And never experienced it. Who had wrapped himself in a security blanket of control. There was a turning point. A definitive turning point after which the change he made in himself was undeniable. To me, he was showing his self control and how strong his desire to be the kind of person Claire deserved was.

I even had a heart clench moment for him!! But you CAN decide the future. I do not take back any of my previous Tony-hating feelings from before. Those ALL remain the same. Yes, I hated him and truly believed he deserved to rot in a jail cell. But… as he changed, so did my feelings. So yeah… given his changes and proof in certain scenarios which would have sent the old-Tony into a flying rage, but the new-Tony handled with an attitude I could understand and respect….

I have fallen for him. Cuz I so am: I so so SO called it!!!! Here's my casting for Tony and Claire: View all comments. Nida Kazi seriously his could he do that was my initial query at the the end of book 1 but damn this book really change everything. I sensed Romace and I absolu seriously his could he do that was my initial query at the the end of book 1 but damn this book really change everything. I sensed Romace and I absolutely loved them together.. I actually started liking Tony..

Zainab Ch Anyone please tell me how to read these book? Feb 10, So against my better judgment, I moved on to book two with hope and an open mind. Partnering with my favorite gal pal, Juls, we did this as a buddy read, so we could rant or rave as we read through each chapter. Well, as I sit here trying to come up with what to say in this review, the only phrase I can come up with is… I Call Bullshit! Truth had me wishing I could rewind time and get back the hours I spent trapped inside this tortuous, infuriating read! The Story… First let me say, the first fifty percent of the book was great!

She gets to the sunny shores of California where she starts a new and beautiful life filled with the love of good friends, family reconnections and even a new love interest. Things seem to be going in the right direction for Claire and with her mind set on her new life as well as utilizing her new-found detective skills, she seek out information on her ex-husband, Anthony, knowing knowledge is power. Certain its only a matter of time before Anthony finally finds her, she wants to be ready to combat whatever his next move is.

Instead of stealing her away in the middle of the night and trapping her in his mansion in Iowa as he did before, Anthony worms his way back into her life spouting promises of love and being a changed man. Time and money are the only things standing in their way so they wait and Anthony builds his empire. When the timing is right, they start killing off family members of the two men who turned Nathaniel in.

He intimidates her through fear and domination. One in which Anthony set him up for. And most importantly, Anthony sets Claire up for his attempted murder and sends her to prison!!! His crimes are countless and extend further than I can list here on this review.

Why in the hell would Claire want him? Is she just an idiot with no common sense or mind of her own or is she a masochist who gets off on the pain and misery? She actually gets upset with her sister and her brother-in-law for trying to talk her out of going back to Anthony. There were several times she puts off talking to Emily and flat out refusing to tell her sister the truth. Emily, who was there for her through everything, who suffered as much as Claire, even if not physically, is now a nuisance to Claire because she wants good things for Claire instead a life of fear and degradation.

Claire is a selfish bitch! Another thing that irritated me was Claire seemed to be the pied piper of men. Whoever came into contact with her, wanted her. She must have had beer flavored nipple or something because Anthony wanted her to the point of insanity, Harry wanted to be with her and then the PI who Anthony hired fell in love with her. If I had been Emily, John, Amber and Harry, I would have wiped my hands of Claire the moment she decided to go back to Anthony and cut off any and all contact with her.

This time, she chose to go back. He might have initially blackmailed her to go back to him, but she had resources, she had family, she had friends. She wanted to go back and she wanted to be with him.

Unleashed (Uninvited, #2) by Sophie Jordan

Needless to say, this is NOT a book I will ever read again. I am permanently deleting it from my Nook and will NOT read book three. I have no desire to read any more of this story or these characters and suffer the frustration it causes. Special Thanks… I would like to thank my good friend Juls for reading this and Consequences with me. She kept me sane as we tried to analyze, figure out and come up with reasons why things were happening. And finally, she was there when we both decided to just give up and read the last 90 pages as a free-for-all because we just wanted to get this stupid, messed up story done and over with.

While the 'Consequences' series is one of my all-time favorite series, 'Truth' is my absolute favorite book in the series. That isn't to say that all of the books in this series aren't wonderful -- they are. However, this book is so damn great that I can't even begin to express how much I love it.

I frequently find myself returning to this book and rereading my favorite parts. I'm a glutton for punishment that way. Never has a story made me feel more conflicted I just cannot get enough of this screwed up, controversial and suspenseful story. After the huge upset at the end of 'Consequences', it is no surprise that 'Truth' takes Claire and Tony's story in a new direction. So much has changed. Yet, so much remains the same. While many of Claire's actions continue to be irrational and perplexing, I am so glad that Aleatha Romig dreamed up her character.

Otherwise, I would have never experienced this phenomenal story. While all rational thought should send Claire running as far away from Tony as she can get, I'm so glad that she continues to defy all reason and repeatedly engages in his games. I cannot get enough of it! In comparison to her demeanor in 'Consequences', 'Truth' shows a more independent and strong-minded version of Claire. She is no longer trapped at Tony's mansion, at the mercy of his violent whims.

This book sees Claire pursue more of an "offensive" approach to her interactions with Tony, whereas Claire had previously been limited to a sort of passive resistance. Nevertheless, Tony is not one to be out-maneuvered. Time and time again, he proves that he is still in control. The back and forth antics of Tony and Claire keeps me flipping the pages every time I read this book. Even though I should hate Tony, I just can't. That is the beauty of this series. In fact, as "truths" are revealed and more of his horrendous actions come to light, I find myself trying to fight a stronger pull to him.

He is the epitome of an anti-hero. I love him more, despite all reason, with each new detail shared.

I can relate to Claire in that regard. This second book in the series begins a slow unveiling of Tony's motivations. Little by little, Claire begins to unearth details of a their families' shared past. The depth of Tony's hunger for revenge is astounding. Claire tries to gather clues to figure out exactly where she fits into the picture. This book was jam-packed with information. Blink and you'll miss something. Each time I read it, I pick up on something else that I overlooked before. Not only are "truths" revealed in this book, but new mysteries surface.

For every question answered, more questions arise. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Once again, Claire finds herself in danger. Only this time, the person trying to harm her is unknown. Is Tony really trying to turn over a new leaf or is he up to his old tricks? Can Claire ever trust him after everything that he's done?

Is there somebody else that wants to do her harm? In addition to all of the facts that are unveiled in this book, the introduction of several new characters makes for a multi-dimensional story. Amber's brother, Harry, also plays a pivotal role in this book, helping Claire adjust to her new life.

Phil, a private investigator hired by Tony, also ends up being a key player this time around. The introduction of Derek and Sophia Burke adds yet another layer to this story, while familiar characters like Courtney and Brent evolve further. I don't want to give too much away, as I believe that this series should be experienced. I cannot begin to coherently state how much I love this series, or why.

It is simply spectacular! If you like darker reads, full of suspense, romance and mystery, then this is one is a must-read. You have to go into it with an open mind though. This story is not for those with "triggers" related to abuse, etc. It is full of controversial, offensive subject matter. However, if you love stories that mess with your head and make you step outside of your comfort zone, then you don't want to miss it.

Check out more of my reviews at www. View all 29 comments. Feb 23, Ayhan Luck rated it did not like it. But they're mostly from what happened in Consequences, Book 1 I read this book based solely on the fact that I thought Claire was going to wreak havoc on Tony's life and get revenge for his countless atrocities against her in book one. She was a total doormat, wuss, TSTL in book 1.

The opening to book 2 was promising. Claire was angry as she should have been! Then, she meets a fabulous, warm, handsome man who cares for her. Stupid-idiot Claire is still in love with Tony who: Do I really need to go on? I could, there's more, but I'm exhausted. This book is ludicrous. How on earth is anyone rooting for Claire to stay with Tony?? I know he said sorry, I know he 'regrets his actions', blah, blah, blah.

I don't give a flying you know what if he spends every minute of the rest of his life apologizing. Nothing could ever be enough to make up for everything he's done to this woman. I don't find the mystery part of this series that interesting and I surely don't find the "romantic" part of it sane in any way, shape or form. Therefore, I will not be reading book 3. I couldn't stand to watch this woman with battered woman's syndrome or stockholm syndrome, or plain old idiocy stay with Tony and for justice not be served against him.

Introducing a new villain doesn't suddenly make Tony innocent of his many crimes. As you're reading this book, continually remind yourself of Tony's offenses and put yourself in this situation and ask if this is a relationship you would want to be in I'll take a Harry anyday. You also should get ready yourself for new terms in this book such as: View all 32 comments. Nov 06, Dd rated it really liked it.

And the game continues Actions and their consequences are just one side of a coin. The side which receives light. On the other side,lying in the shadows is the By the end of the first book we saw how Anthony Rawlings Tony ,the utterly cruel,conniving and manipulative devil played the game to perfection.

He had his vengeance. And it appeared that as his last move,he disclosed all his pieces to Claire. At last everything was clear. Nothing is as it seems. In the last book,we saw the thousand and one facades of Anthony and even Claire. In this book the masks will be ripped off and the people behind those masks will be revealed.

Is the dark persona of Anthony real or is it just a mask or is it a bit of both? Is Claire the quiet,meek submissive or under all that lies a core of steel? The questions are answered here and more Some new pieces characters are introduced in this book too. The game is still on,but the stakes are even higher An enemy more cruel,more ruthless and more evil!! An enemy who is driven by a lust for vengeance more stronger than even Anthony's. Would-be-readers of this book,get ready Short storyline-- After 18 months of serving her sentence,Claire is pardoned. Which means that her every record of committing the framed crime has been wiped off.

Amazed,she tries to build a new life in California with Amber,the fiancee of deceased Simon. She meets with Harry,Amber's brother. She reconnects with her sister Emily. All the time hoping that Tony doesn't find her. Tony get's word of her release after two weeks the news was kept under wraps. He seeks Claire out. Well,if you are thinking that it was because of his unfulfilled vengeance,then you are wrong Please read the book.

I do not want to spoil the shocks you'll get,one after the other. But,I had hoped that Tony would face the consequences of his actions,and he did He doesn't apologize,and he doesn't cry Though my heart cried a little too. For those who think I'm crazy,you try and read this book and not fall for him. Why are you still listening to my babble, or reading shall I say??? Go and grab the book. View all 57 comments. Louise Fabulous review Dd: Aug 08, Nov 21, Nov 19, Debra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some of the emotions I felt while reading this book Just like Consequences , the first part of this highly enticing, fascinating and mind-boggling series, Truth again left me speechless, shocked and just emotionally exhausted after finishing it.

It also left me in awe of the amazing writer that is Aleatha Romig, for creating such a marvelous story that can make you feel so many emotions during such a short period of time. After you've dealt with the Consequences, prepare yourself to fac Some of the emotions I felt while reading this book After you've dealt with the Consequences, prepare yourself to face the Truth What happened in Consequences was only the beginning, what follows in Truth is the unravelling of a masterfully created web of secrets and deceits that will most of the time leave you on the edge of your seat.

When Claire is released from prison after being incarcerated for 18 months, she hopes to finally move on with her life, her life without Tony. She moves to California to live with her newfound friend and ally Amber fiancee of Claire's deceased former boyfriend Simon and her brother Harry. But, as to be expected, Tony isn't ready to let Claire go that easily, he hunts her down and what follows is an emotional and psychological figurative game of chess that will, in the end, lead us to the Truth Yet, as was their history, whenever Anthony Rawlings was in Claire's life, so was the potential for abrupt change.

Same game, Same rules, Same main players. I make a move, he makes a move. Eventually one of us will declare check-mate. Sometimes I think I'm an opponent. Other times I think he believes I'm the prize. Every move she made, he countered. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it. As for Tony, I have to admit, as much as I hated and detested the man that is Anthony Rawlings in Consequences ; in Truth we do get to see a much different side of him. We learn about his history and everything he's been through in his young life.

And we learn that there is in fact a more human, lighthearted side to him that might make you want to revise your entire opinion about him. But, nonetheless, the man has a lot of issues and my main message to him would still be: I would highly recommend reading it to everyone and to embark on this extremely entertaining to say the least roller coaster ride, a ride that will propably stay with you for a very long time after you're finished with it Well done, Aleatha Romig, well done!!

And now I can't wait to read Convicted and find out what will happen in the next part of this unbelievable story View all 71 comments. Apr 10, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me If the first book was the perfect nightmare, the second book is the perfect fairytale. So Claire will have a second chance for happiness.

Finally free from jail, free from Tony, free from debts; she will be surrounded with old and new friends, her family, new allies and a new boyfriend. Tony definitely will not like losing control of Claire and her life. He has never wanted to let her go. But what about Claire? Surely she should be happy. But s Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me If the first book was the perfect nightmare, the second book is the perfect fairytale.

But something is missing. Maybe deep down Claire never wanted to be free. Claire apparently does not like taking decisions. She prefers it when someone chooses her clothes and her food at the restaurant. Her new boyfriend gives her the freedom of choice. He always asks her opinion. But maybe Claire is well trained by Tony. She is the perfect submissive. She can only take what she is given. She does not ask. I tried very hard to understand him, but I gave up. Not many of the people that they really know them understand it.

But that is okay in the fiction world. Some may say that Claire when she gets a normal boyfriend, she also gets a new chance in love. It just looks as a distraction to me. A way to postpone the inevitable. Not a really important relationship, because Claire undoubtedly craves the dominance of Tony. There are different kinds of monsters and devils in this world.

Claire is a perfect match for Tony. What I did not like in the book: At least this time is less extensive in comparison to Consequences. Reading about all these brands that I cannot afford can be very painful LOL. When good things are happening I really want to savor them. I want to appreciated them and learn all the details. Especially towards the end, when Claire is winning battles.

I want to know everything. Instead I get a perfect moment fast-forward in a perfect isolated tropical island in the future, where I need to speculate the facts and imagine the most important scene of the book. I was not bored with this book. There are many twists and many surprises. There is also another mastermind more ruthless, psychotic and devilish than Tony. Additionally, the moments that Tony is trying really hard not to be such a frighteningly controlling, manipulated bastard are really satisfying and amusing.

And consequently he will die a horrible death. And his ashes will be scattered in North, East, West and South with the help of at least 6 different types of winds. While black crows will laugh at him. And nobody will remember him ever again on the face of the earth. This is the book that supposedly will make me change my opinion about him. View all 30 comments. Seriously Anthony, Even though you are words written on paper.. You scare the crap out of me! Your name alone gives me goosebumps! This book is Insane!! Can't wait for whats going to happen to ALL of them.

Yes, call me crazy! Loved this story, the author is sheer brilliant..

The Unleashing

The twist, the turns, bloody hell.. This should be made into a movie. I was like burning the midnight oil and read it till sunrise and then I was like 'how can I sleep after all of this madness? I fell in love, connected, understood and freaked my ass out. I do not know when the 3rd book is coming, what is going to happen.. Claire is the most spineless person ever.. But once you start thinking from the heart.. I didn't sleep for 2nights because I had bizarre dreams of Claire and myself being kidnapped by Tony! This book has terrorized me. He's going to find her me now: Bitch, You have brain problems!!

She is demented and so has Stockhold Syndrome! I know, I know I should hate you.. Nathaniel and Marie's story pissed the shit out of me I hate such crap!! Harry was HOT as hell, and not crazy.. I loveeeeeee you both so fucking much. Do as I say, Public failure is not an option, And be the perfect companion. These people have some series brain problem! Firstly, who the hell fucks someone when they are sleeping and impregnates them? AND who the hell doesn't come to know they are being fucked? And then impregnate her! And sorry, It wasn't Samuel's fault that Marie fell and lost her bastard child.

You are ill, go take some pills. Hate the cheating shit and abandoning family crap.. I barfed a little with Marie and Nathaniel's prison scene. I have no problem with the age gap.. OHK, If someone [eric] agains't your wishes drags you into an elevator I am sorry, you have that much strength to get your elbow out of a man's grip! I swear Claire is stupid!!! And if someone takes your phone and orders you around you can fucking answer back. She holds the power in the end to revile his story!

What is Catherine is trying to kill their baby? Because she wants to to play ruin the family game at Samuel's family tooooo!? Trying to give me a stroke? Give me book 3 now Author. View all 34 comments. Spoiler Free Review -Quick review 4. I sure as hell wasn't In Consequences A man with no compassion started to feel compassion. A man with no regrets started to regret. Claire's decision to adapt provided h Spoiler Free Review -Quick review 4. Claire's decision to adapt provided her with a wealth of knowledge.

She has learned from the master and now she can use it to her advantage. Freedom In Truth Claire is released from prison after doing an eighteen month stint. Shocked yet grateful she seeks solace in sunny California with an unexpected friend. But happy day's of freedom don't last forever because when Tony get's word of her release Let's just say he is none to pleased. His unhappiness however does not stem from her newly found freedom but from his loss of control. AND the fact that he still wants her. Which is something he never anticipated. A new game begins with a host of new players.

Unbeknownst to him, puppet master Tony is no longer pulling the strings. And the new puppet master is ten times colder, twenty times more calculated and very much determined to win. Truth takes off with a BOOM and keeps up the momentum at high rate speed; with it's perfectly spun web of events that are mind consuming.

Romig has crafted a well developed plot, strong characters and jaw dropping story lines. This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time as the truth was slowly revealed piece by piece. You will not be disappointed! Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! View all 43 comments. Both Mentally and Emotionally! Mrs Aleatha Romig , you deserve a standing ovation for sure Wow , If Consequences was all about actions and consequences , then Truth is all about the truth that had paved the way to those actions. Infact , its all about separating the lies and deceptions from the truth.

Honestly speaking , I'm not going to get into what this book is going to offer story wise because there is no way I can do that without giving away a lot of spoilers. And its something I dont want to do. This journey is for the reader and for the reader alone. The blurb gives a perfect description of what you will be getting yourself into Aleatha is a mastermind-ish twister of events , scenes and scenario's! In a way it would , but then it'll probably ground you back with a dozen new questions.

Consequences ended with a lot of explosions! But that wasn't the end of it. In Truth , Claire tries to find out more about the man that is Anthony Rawlings. His past and what makes him what he is. We definitely got a bit of his history in Consequences but that was just a small part of a much bigger picture. I loved Claire in this book.

See a Problem?

Her decisions were a bit shocking at times , but thats just who she is , or thats what she's made up of. Somehow , I found her as a person who looks into the soul of a Person. Someone who is optimistic in her approach towards life. And judging by that there was no questioning the path she took. But is she right or wrong? She was a victim before , but this time , has she deliberately walked into a trap that could lead her to darkness?

Or has she bought about a change that no one expected? A change of heart and mind. A change of Priority. Only time will tell. All I can say is , " Oh my god , was he for realz?? Sexy as hell and mighty fine I tell ya. He has a little humorous side to him too. God , how much I loved him here in spite of all the douchery that he was in book 1.

I'm not saying thats forgettable but he's only human so There I said it God lord , that ending was just I shouldn't even be surprised , this is Aleatha Romig we are talking about. Aleatha Romig really knows how to have her way with words. If Consequences had a very eerie and a dread like feel to it , then truth was all about anticipation and surprises. I'm sure you must have noticed that every chapter begins with a quote , and somehow I felt that those quotes are so rightly placed because they end up giving a feel or what that chapter is all about.

She very cleverly creates a web of words and actions that leaves the reader all tangled up. It took me two days to write up this review , because every time I thought about the book , I ended up seeing things in different shades. This is such a Hollywood movie material. Its a perfect mixture of: To sum up the entire review , Truth is a journey from darkness to light , from the unknown to the known , from the expected to the unexpected..

From assumptions to reality. I'm definitely going to be on pins and needles till Convicted come out!! Any other conclusion to this series is non-negotiable and undebatable. Do not disappoint me. View all 26 comments. Dec 26, Clumsy Storyteller rated it it was amazing Shelves: You are getting a taste of your own medicine! There's a LOT going on , Lots of twists unexpected facts! View all 18 comments. We The Police in a press conference, shared today new information regarding the recent murder of a Kindle Keyboard that has shocked the reading community. I was stunned, I was speechless and by the end I was breathless.

This book grabbed me and never let me go and my GOD what a ride! If I have to find a minor minus, I'll say that the parts about Sophia started as intriguing but until her importance in the story was revealed they were a little boring, only because I was bitting my nails to found out more about Tony yeah in this book he is definitely a Tony! The title is Truth and the book does live up to its title. We learn the whole truth and the heroes face it no matter the consequences These book are a chess game. A game that is being played for about 30 years.

Every move has a significance and its piece equal importance, because let's not forget: So don't underestimate anyone! All of us did it Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. In this book he not only shows redeeming qualities, he managed to throw away his stoic mask and give us a glimpse of the vulnerable man who hides.

I finally saw that he trully loves Claire and his love may be obsessive and possesive but is also deep and everlasting I don't forgive him his atrocious actions, I just see a way to put them in the past and start anew. Well, she still is a little doormat-y for my taste. She is impulsive and immature, indecisive and naive. In the end she managed to surprise me and in an epic twist, just I was ready to destroy my Kindle, she moved for the win and eventually after two whole books I cheered for her!!!

Saying all that doesn't mean I condone or even understand the actions of these people. I still find myself an innocent bystander, willing but unable to stop the proverbial train wreck. Now, I'm more than ready for book I seriously can't wait to get my hands on it. So, let me check the release date.. And possibly mid to late ? If you haven't read these books go read the reviews and decide! If you have added them but for some reason you haven't started them yet, stop waisting time!!

View all 17 comments. I love your little news clip at the beginning. This was my favorite of the series. D Thank you Shannon! Top 5 for me too Nov 22, This is, quite simply, a brilliantly told mind-bender. If Consequences was a jigsaw with pieces missing, then Truth is most definitely a strategic game of chess. I want you to go in blind, the way I did — I want you to feel what I did.

I lost sleep over these books, I never knew what was coming next, Aleatha Romig has the ability to constantly surprise and she This is, quite simply, a brilliantly told mind-bender. I lost sleep over these books, I never knew what was coming next, Aleatha Romig has the ability to constantly surprise and she wields this weapon over us readers with, I suspect, wicked glee!!

What is going on here is just plain, good old-fashioned story telling. Thankfully, there is to be a third book, Convicted, to finally tie up all the loose ends and, once and for all, finally explain who exactly did what and why they did it. The whole book is incredibly compelling and a worthy sequel to Consequences, a book which left me completely stunned by the turn of events. Can anything justify what he has done to Claire and those who love her?

I could never have envisioned finding a happy place for him in my imagination but Aleatha Romig is an absolute mistress of misdirection and she has bent my mind once again and now I find I have sympathy and even empathy for him. By the end of Truth, I feel now that I understand him and his motivations better. I still really do not like what he did and I need to hear more about that fateful day from his perspective but Tony and I now have an entente-cordiale and a fragile peace exists between us.

Claire — after being such a victim for nearly all of the first book, has now grown a backbone of steel. Truth gets off to a fairly explosive beginning and then stalls to a fairly sedate pace before once again picking up speed and galloping for the finish line. Is that a word?

Well, whatever, it describes it perfectly. This is a fantastic series — I am going to highly recommend it. Series Reading Order 1. Truth - released Nov 3. Convicted - release expected View all 20 comments. Irina Brilliant review, Becs! It was unputdownable to me too! I can't wait to see how it all ends. Oct 29, The twists and turns, screams and yearning- all so well done. Romig, you make me want to pick up every thought-provoking psychological thriller book and devour it. You wreaked havoc with my mind and emotions and I hated it but yet want more of it.

I still may be in this camp: However, I soon may be buying a new shirt: View all 8 comments. Nov 23, Christy rated it it was amazing. I am shocked by that ending. Did not see that coming at all! And I have to wait how long to find out what happens next?!?!?!?!? Every move you made he countered. In order to get his king, you sacrificed your queen, a bold move. One I believe will work.

But at what cost? Although she did have much more of a backbone at times- especially the beginning. She was much stronger than I gave her credit for. He was still obsessive, crazy, creepy, and totally out of control. I wanted to, I really did. What is wrong with me?!?! So conflicted when it comes to Tony. Tony is the bad guy- why did I start to feel for him?!?!? He is truly messed up and did some unforgivable things- but I feel he is on the road to redemption. It may be wrong, and after hating him so much in Consequences, I feel bad for saying this I wished things would have worked out for him differently.

Courtney and Brent - Loved you both even more in this book than the last! Courtney- you are freaking awesome! Phil - At first I wasn't sure how I felt about him Now I worry for her safety. Catherine One of my favorite characters from Consequences She is soooo vindictive. I really want to know whats going to happen in the next book with her. Never saw it coming!!!!

They had me all over the place. I felt like as soon as some of my questions were answered, more came about. But I loved Truth! View all 22 comments. It simply files things away. You think you have a memory; but it has you! This series continues to BLOW my mind. I have no idea how to review this, so if it sucks I started this book with the intention of continuing my hate for Tony and watching Claire get sweet, sweet revenge.

So when it begins, I loathe Tony for what he did to Claire. If you read my review of the first book, you know just how much I really hate him. When Claire is liberated from prison, I am so beyond happy that she can finally do something to retaliate. I love that she researches and tries to recreate the mystery box of information she had recieved when she was incarcerated.