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But Venice is unlike anything Nathan has ever encountered before, full of intrigue, corruption, and spies, and Nathan will have to keep his wits about him if he hopes to get himself — and his ship — out in one piece. Okay, this is it. I am finally giving up on this series. I probably should have done so three books ago, but I kept convincing myself that it was the Age of Sail! Those are all things I like! The writing itself is good, smooth and easy to read, but unfortunately I never found anything in either the plot or the characters that drew me in and made me want to read more. But if your primary interest in them is for some Age of Sail high seas adventuring, there are plenty of other books that do it better.

Have you reviewed this book? The man known to his associates as Cristolfi, and to the rest of Venice as the Devil, passed unnoticed through the crowds on the Piazza San Marco. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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But before negotiations are completed, Il Diavolo the Devil has his assassins kill the admiral. Nathaniel Peake captains HMS Unicorn and, having had a successful voyage, he looks forward to receiving the hefty sum his captured prizes will bring. Arriving at Leghorn, a major center of trade in the Mediterranean, he finds the city under attack from land, the citizens attempting to flee by sea, and French corsairs lurking on the horizon.

Not only is he tasked with escorting the convoy of rescue ships, he must defend them against these sea marauders and transport the paramours of some officers, including Commodore Nelson, to safety. The last proves a trying and irritating duty that results in the loss of his quarters, but he succeeds in delivering the ladies as ordered. He needs to re-establish contact with Venice, notify the admiral that his price has been met, keep the Venetians from forming an alliance with France, and assess the seaworthiness and capabilities of the Venetian fleet.

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At the same time, he must take soundings of the harbors and lagoons while hunting down French corsairs prowling the Adriatic Sea. Now he must confirm this report and determine if there is another willing to work with the British to stop Napoleon, and this requires him to enlist the assistance of the Deputy Prioress of a convent where the sisters are known for their gambling casino and carnal knowledge. He will do whatever is necessary to dispose of the British intruder, and it could cost Nathan his life. Since there are a variety of winds specific to the Mediterranean, he provides a brief explanation of these since they play important roles in the story.

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This is the fourth installment in the Nathan Peake series, but readers unfamiliar with previous tales will have no problem following this story. There are sufficient clues to tantalize such readers to go back and read these titles. In many ways the opening chapters of The Winds of Folly mimic what it is like to sail aboard a wooden ship — manic high drama of short duration interspersed with long and tedious periods of mundane daily activity. He has written and directed many historical dramas for television, radio and the theatre and adapted and directed films by playwrights such as Arthur Miller and Michael Bulgakov.

This latest book 4 Winds of Folly is the latest in the Nathan Peake series. Nathan Peake, captain of the frigate Unicorn is sent with a small squadron into the Adriatic to help bring Venice into an Italian alliance against the French. He establishes a British naval presence, harrying the French corsairs that swarm out of Ancona in Italy. While Nathan confronts the politics of 'intrigue, poison and the stiletto' in Venice, his mission is further complicated by the arrival of Napoleon Bonaparte's aide de camp, Junot.

Recognising Nathan as the 'American' who saved Bonaparte's life in Paris, Junot invites him to army headquarters where he unwillingly joins the French in a victorious battle against the Austrians. Meanwhile, in Venice, French troops move into the city and a new revolutionary government takes power. Nathan learns that Bonaparte is negotiating a peace deal with the Austrians - Britain's only remaining ally. Nathan returns to the Unicorn and rejoins Nelson for the decisive Battle of St Vincent against the entire Spanish fleet. This is excellent Historical fiction well told I highly recommend the series, and not just to the fans of Naval history Parm Feb 21, Matthew Connolly rated it liked it.

My actual rating is 3. The Napoleonic Era is a popular setting for historical naval fiction, it seems; this is the fourth such series I have encountered — following Forester's accounts of Horatio Hornblower, O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin books, and Naomi Novik's Temeraire series — and I'm sure there are other works set during the same period. So there's plenty of competition.

I get the impression that O'Brian's novels tend to be the most hig My actual rating is 3. I get the impression that O'Brian's novels tend to be the most highly regarded among the company, but I've always preferred Hornblower myself. I'll leave the Temeraire books out of the comparison, as they contain rather more dragons than the others.

To cut to the chase, I'd place it in the middle of the pack: As a character, Nathan Peake is vaguely reminiscent of Horatio Hornblower, prone to the same self-reflection, nagging doubts, and occasional awkward situations. However, I found that the story dragged and occasionally plodded through the first half of the book — perhaps because I found the political maneuverings to be somewhat confusing.

Despite the occasional naval engagement or official encounter, it takes a while to get to the heart of the action. When we do get there, the action picks up and the immediate situation and threats become more concrete. Unfortunately, once in the heart of the action, Peake becomes largely passive, carried by chance and circumstance through several layers of scheming and action without having much, if any, influence over their outcome — let alone over his own fate.

This is undoubtedly a frustrating situation for a ship's captain to find himself in, but it's also a bit disappointing for the reader who expects a story's protagonist to be more proactive. On a more positive note, I was pleased to find a story from this subgenre set before Napoleon's real rise to power.

I wouldn't mind trying one of the other books in Peake's story at some point Jan 29, Exanimis rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her bowsprit was thrust over the Spanish poop like a long lance, the spritsail yard locked into her mizzen shrouds.

The Winds of Folly

God what a mess, Nathan thought. What a bloody shambles. There are no long boaring discriptians, there was no drop in the adventure that made me want to just get on with the story either. From the first to the last page, getting through this chapter or past this event never crossed my mind, I was so completley absorbed. Many of the reviews I have read give the reader an idea of what the novel is about so I feel no need to add to them.

I will have to disagree with one comment I have read from several people, this book stands on it's own very well.

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I feel that I would have had a better understanding of who some of the crew were had I read the first three novels but there was enough information and it left me with the desire to read the previous novels. My personal opinion is that books such as The Winds of Folly are the reason that I read, the masterful telling of a tale that grabs my attention and holds it is what I search for when I browse through books online or in a stores. This is one of the stories that will remain with me for years to come while others will be lost to memory.

May 02, Nancy rated it liked it. Oh how I love a good maritime story! Windswepts seas, hoisting the mail sail, scrubbing the poop deck, this book had it all. If your wish is to read a book set during the age of sail, this is it. I won this book from Librarything not realizing it was book 4 of a series. The book can be a standalone if just for the sheer pleasure of reading about a man-o-war at the time of the Napoleanic wars.

The author know his tall ships and vividly conjures up strong imagery of a battle ship at sea, coupled wi Oh how I love a good maritime story! The author know his tall ships and vividly conjures up strong imagery of a battle ship at sea, coupled with plenty of action. Captain Nathan Peake is portrayed as an intelligent, humble individual who at times doubts himself but can always admit he is infallible and capable of mistakes.

The Winds of Folly (Nathan Peake, #4) by Seth Hunter

He alone seems to dominate the story with his crew filling in as secondary characters and there are plenty. In this story Captain Peake is on a mission to win Venice, a hotbed of vice and political intrigue, from allying with the French. This is where I found the author lacking in his storytelling capabilities. From the back cover "But Nathan is soon drawn into a much more sinister web. At its heart two of the most feared women of the age: Emma Hamilton, the courtesan turned courtier, and the nun Caterina Caresini, uncrowned queen of Venice", I expected more interaction with the two women and a dramatic impact to the plot.

However, the plot was not very deep and the two central female characters roles were so minimal, I felt like a portion of the story was missing. A definite read if you like historical maritime fiction. Feb 17, Russell Howen rated it really liked it. An English sea captain becomes a courier, a spy, a prisoner, an enemy combatant and a hero in the early part of the Napoleonic war in this exciting story of Captain Nathan Peake, which includes some genuine historic persons and events.

In a plot with twists the reader will want to turn the pages of this book. Jan 31, Mary rated it liked it. When I was trying to come up with the appropriate description for this Goodreads Giveaway book, the term "swashbuckling" came to mind, over and over. And indeed, it IS.

Seth Hunter – The Winds of Folly

While the book begins and ends in Venice, the majority of the action takes place on a ship the Unicorn and its captain Nathan Peake. Once I realized this book was truly written to entertain the reader not impart historical or moral lessons , I enjoyed it very much.

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Part of the fun comes from the nautical jargon. The novel uses When I was trying to come up with the appropriate description for this Goodreads Giveaway book, the term "swashbuckling" came to mind, over and over. The novel uses words like "frigate", "coxswain", and "larboard".