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The Photonics Introduces the SA Abnormal baseline heart rate during 10 minutes or more is termed tachycardia above bpm except for FIGO above and bradycardia below bpm. Variability is minimal below 6 bpm and absent when non visible.

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  7. Decelerations are classified as early, variable, late, and prolonged. Early and late decelerations have an onset gradual decrease of FHR, in contrast variable decelerations have an abrupt onset. Early deceleration is coincident in timing with uterine contraction. Variable deceleration is variable in onset, duration and timing, and may be described as typical or non reassuring.

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    Late deceleration is associated with uterine contraction; the onset, nadir, and recovery occur after onset, peak and end of the contraction. Prolonged deceleration is lasting more than two but less 10 minutes, with almost onset abrupt and no repetition.

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    Electronic fetal monitoring is a method to detect risk of fetal asphyxia; analysis and interpretation of FHR patterns are difficult with a high false positive rate, increasing operative deliveries. The patterns who are predictive of severe fetal acidosis include recurrent late or variable or prolonged decelerations or bradycardia, with absent FHR variability, and sudden severe bradycardia. The other FHR patterns are not conclusive and defined as non reassuring; obstetrical risk factors must be considered and other method like scalp sampling for pH utilised to evaluate fetal state.

    Fetal heart rate, Electronic fetal monitoring, Fetal acidosis, Fetal asphyxia.

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