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In fact I was doing my usual cleanup of my kindle app on my PC when I recalled I hadn't downloaded this one and so I did and usually to do that the book gets opened so my eyes started scanning the page and I was hooked.

The Ripple Trilogy: Books 1-3 of The Ripple Series

Apparently from the reviews there are some few rare people who seem to escape that hook, but I can't for the life of me see how. In the Rippler we start with Sam our on the river rafting with her friends when the unthinkable happens. Sam has this problem where she just sort of vanishes like the invisible girl in fantastic four comics.

Stars of Fortune: Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts (Full Audiobook) - Series Book 1 of 3

She's been hiding it and she'd had some unusual trauma, the death of her best friend and her mother in an accident so she's been withdrawn up until now, which means that this vanishing trick is not going to help her much. Everyone except for Will has missed her vanishing act and they all somehow think she fell out of the raft so they all have a moment of panic. With everyone running around Will talks to the invisible Sam trying to get her to make herself visible again while no one is watching. Of course it's puzzling to Sam how Will knows this and how he seems to be so calm about it.

Will and Sam are already friends and this is going to bring them closer or tear them apart, but it is definitely going to have some impact. We soon find out that Will has secrets of his own and that both of them are going to be in a lot of danger. They have special abilities that people are going to want to take advantage of. One small comment about this story. Neo Nazi plots, characters with special abilities, siblings or parents who have passed away often under mysterious circumstances, and evil people who want to kill or control the special ability group.

The themes and subplots are all familiar ones to this genre although Cidney Swanson has added a few ripples of her own to make it unique. But always with these types of stories what becomes the most important is the writing style and the crafting of characters. In those two I was extremely impressed.

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The dynamic between the group around Sam and Will drive the story and the plot is driven by revelation of the evil through old journal entries present often through the eyes of the followers of the master mind of all the evil. The Cameleon continues the story with further explanation of what is really happening and the danger that it poses to not only our main protagonists, but also to everyone they care about.

Will and Sam struggle with the best way to use their abilities to stay out of trouble and with the struggle of the growing relationship between them. Finally Unfurl brings things all to an exciting dramatic conclusion that you will just have to read once you read the first two. At least that's how it was for me. And it doesn't disappoint.

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Each book builds on the previous and each one is better than the last. Young Adults and even Adults who like the SFF should enjoy this and anyone that likes all those comic characters with their special power and angst should enjoy this. Except they'll have to draw their own cartoon panels. And that seems to be one complaint of a fellow reader about these types of books. I loved it and I'll likely be reading a lot more of Cidney Swanson's work.

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Nov 18, Sue Moro rated it it was amazing. The beautiful covers may have drawn me in, but it was the synopsis that sold me on this series. Rippler is book one in a trilogy. While YA books have been inundated with vampire stories, and recently mermaid tales pun intended , Rippler brings us invisibility! Our main character Samantha Sam discovers, much to her horror, that she can become invisible.

The story opens with her high school running team on a "bonding" rafting trip. Sudde The beautiful covers may have drawn me in, but it was the synopsis that sold me on this series. Suddenly people are screaming and it's believed she's fallen in, when in fact she has accidentally "rippled" and can no longer be seen. One boy, Will, happens to witness Sam as she ripples.

He promises to keep her secret, and the two begin a quest to uncover the cause. Their research reveals facts about a tragic event from Sam's past, and a possible connection to Nazi experiments on people with her disorder. The deeper they dig, the closer they move into the path of danger.

Someone else is looking for people with this ability, and their motives are far from good. I really liked the unique idea behind this plot.

The story moved at a nice pace, sporadically revealing new information as it's discovered by Sam and Will. There's also an evil element lurking in the shadows, which adds to the mystery and tension. Sam is a wonderful protagonist, as is her friend and developing love interest, Will.

Rippler is a wonderful debut novel by Miss Swanson. I thoroughly enjoyed Chameleon as well and was delighted that being the middle book in the series, it wasn't just a "filler" as many second books in series suffer from. In Unfurl, our two main characters become separated by an ocean just as they begin to admit their feelings for one another. The author introduces alternating points of view in this book for the first time, giving the reader incite into Will's thoughts which I really enjoyed. As the story progresses the danger increases , not only for our main characters, but also for their families and friends,, until it all culminates in a final satisfying showdown.

Each book in the trilogy introduced new and intriguing characters and revealed more about Sam's abilities. The Ripple trilogy is on the top of my recommendation list, and Cidney Swanson is one author to keep a look out for. The Ripple trilogy is available as both books and eBooks. Definitely worth picking up! Nov 20, Jenn rated it it was amazing. In book one, Rippler, you are introduced to a great concept, a unique story line as well as excellent character build ups, suspense and interesting plot.

After reading this book I dug right into book two, since I was so enwrapped with the story! In Chameleon, book two, the story picks up right where it left off in book one. This book is very quick paced and it was hard to stop reading once I got started. I enjoyed the interesting and intertwining characters and the way the plot develops and leads In book one, Rippler, you are introduced to a great concept, a unique story line as well as excellent character build ups, suspense and interesting plot.

I enjoyed the interesting and intertwining characters and the way the plot develops and leads the way to book three. In Unfurl, book three, the story was just as good and the first two books with a perfect ending. I felt the story extension that finalized in this book was well paced and unique. This series is well-written, highly developed, well-paced and unique. I'd highly recommend this series to those that enjoy clean, intelligent and well-written books with a paranormal spin.

This book is great for a Young Adult audience and older. This series is meant to be read in order so start with book one first! I received book and one two via Library Thing member giveaway and purchased book three so I could finish the story. Now all three are provided in one bundle, which is good so you don't have to wait to finish reading the story. Believe me, once you start reading this trilogy you won't want to stop until you finish it! Dec 14, Darlene rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: YA and fantasy fans.

After reading the first book, I found I wanted to read the rest of the series. I have to admit that the rest of the series was even better than the first book. I cared more deeply for the characters. I found myself skipping meals to see what could happen next. Lately, I have found myself bored with YA books. They seem to have similar themes regardless of sub-genre.

Teen angst thrown onto After reading the first book, I found I wanted to read the rest of the series. Teen angst thrown onto another planet or fantasy world. AND, why is it called Young Adult when it should really be adolescent girls? AND where are the books like this for older adults? We don't even have a genre unto ourselves. Anyway, I have been reading these YA books as there were few strong-fem main characters in my youth. It was the boys that got the adventures and had to solve the problems.

I am so happy that today's young women are able to find gems like these written by Cidney Swanson. By the way, I think guys would like these books, also, as there are scenes from both of the main characters' points of view. I felt my palms sweating toward the end. What if this could happen? I would hope there are smart people out there who can outsmart any 'bad-guys' that may pop up in real life. It was so much fun! Jan 02, Reagan rated it really liked it.

It took a while to get into this series and it isn't the best writing or story I've ever read. All the same, I found the characters of this book to be delightful. It was refreshing to see a teenage girl adore her step-mother and to worry about her friends rather than drop them for some guy. What made the Rippler Trilogy stand out to me was the surprising and compelling connection to the Eugenics movement and WWII human experimentation. I didn't see a historical story line coming so it was a fu It took a while to get into this series and it isn't the best writing or story I've ever read.

I didn't see a historical story line coming so it was a fun twist trust me that statement does not ruin it. Are some parts of the book overly fanciful and woefully long and repetitive I have since been recommending it to my Mom friends who have similar aged kids. Neal Shusterman is fantastic with combining the scientific topics with the humor and wit with diverse personalities of this cast of characters. The storyline is wonderfully creative.

A must read for sure!! One person found this helpful. I have been reading this trilogy with my grandchildren a boy and a girl ages 10 and 12 and they have both really liked each book. This last one is perhaps a bit slower paced than the others, but they are still quite engaged. Be prepared to explain some words and clear up what can actually happen and what is sci-fi. Enough science interwoven with silly to make for interesting conversations with the kids. I am enjoying them too. What a satisfying ending to this trilogy.

Trilogy - Wikipedia

I highly recommend this series. This book finishes the trilogy perfectly and ties it all up with a bow! I love the mixture of historical facts and fiction!! This fiction story around Nicolas Tesla is captivating! The author's imagination is amazing and teleport you in several dimensions.

Recommend for people who like science and science fiction! My 9 year old really enjoyed the entire series. Just finished the 3rd and my son Just finished the 3rd and my son wants to know about the next adventure Nick and the gang take! I know it was a trilogy but maybe Vince should go next! See all 20 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Thunderhead Arc of a Scythe. Vaisampayana 's Bharata expanded on the story, with Vyasa's Jaya embedded within it. Ugrasrava eventually composed the Mahabharata , with both Vyasa's Jaya and Vaisampayana's Bharata embedded within the epic. Technical changes in printing and film in the mid-to-late 20th century made the creation of trilogies more feasible, while the development of mass media and modern global distribution networks has made them more likely to be lucrative.

Creators of trilogies may later add more works. In such a case, the original three works may or may not keep the title "trilogy". Complicating the matter, the Foundation series was originally eight short stories and novelettes written for science fiction magazines; its division into three books is more or less incidental. The first three novels in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series were dubbed a trilogy, and even after he extended the series, author Douglas Adams continued to use the term for humorous effect - for example, calling Mostly Harmless "the fifth book in the increasingly inaccurately named trilogy.

A Star Wars Story are generally separated into three trilogies; the " original trilogy " composed of the three films released between and , the " prequel trilogy " the three films released between and , which take place before the original three films and the " sequel trilogy " composed of two films released in and , with a third scheduled for release in , set after the original trilogy.

Film series which at one point had three entries before spawning further sequels, such as Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park , were considered trilogies until the sequels were announced. Sometimes a trio of works is known as a trilogy because of its creator. For example, before Kevin Smith 's films Clerks , Mallrats and Chasing Amy were often marketed as "The New Jersey Trilogy" [7] because they had overlapping characters, events and locations.

After the release of a fourth film, Dogma , the series is referred to as "the View Askewniverse ". Three works with similar themes from a creator may later come to be known as a trilogy, especially if produced one after the other. The Steven Spielberg films A. Similarly, issues 48, 49, and 50 of the Fantastic Four comic book which introduced the characters of Galactus and Silver Surfer are commonly known as the Galactus Trilogy , although the term wasn't used in the original issues. In the modern era of home video , story arcs from a long-running television series might be packaged as a trilogy boxset even if they weren't presented as such originally.

One of the most popular "trilogies" of fantasy books, The Lord of the Rings by J.