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We have to let a generation pass and then it will come back and will start small. Someone will buy the name and attach it to some small local curated thing. But the company has made a number of recent moves that contradict that goal, Wharton experts say. The bookseller has tried to forge a strong digital arm through its Nook e-readers, but Wharton experts say. CFLD moves beyond the traditional capital and construction value proposition associated with public-private partnerships.

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Actually I feel sad to hear about this information. But indeed Barnes and Noble have no great advantage to sustain its survival. However, I am still wondering if there is any way to save this famous store. I am not a Wharton Guy, but I am majored in Marketing.

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Nowadays, very few bookstores would really make money through their book-selling alone. I would just compare Barnes with Xinhua Bookstore, the later one is the greatest Chinese bookstore brand, carry generaitons of memory of Chinese. However, it almost died few years ago. I think there are 3 points they can do to help with themselves. Talked about how to prioritize some customers and distract resources from not that important customers. Yes, I am saying this.

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UPenn Library actually already an example upon this way. But, I love Penn libraries. I am more than happy to pay for premium service provided by Penn. This situation, I bet happen on Barnes and Noble customer group.

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  4. What BN need to do is: Find them, sketch a draft and make money through reader club. Some people may argue this would not work, people can buy anything they want online, well, I do not think so, you quakers have Penn Club, a reading group can be that prestige as well. Not many people know what books inside the Franklin Collection.

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    BN can do so, sell the mystery and gain some perks through their loyal fans. Find a powerful ally. Huawei find Leica to benefit through camera and more importantly, fame. In stereotype, Made in China means low quality and cheap.

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    Huawei changed their brand fame through this alliance with Leica and Leica benefit through this union because they finally have an opportunity to access the digital world They did corporated with Panasonic, however, Nippons were too product centric, their true influence to the market is thin. Back to the theme, who shall BN go for alliance with? Well, I think Sony and Tencent would be appropriate.

    Nowadays, e-reading is popular, however, I do not know how many proer really replace their books with a Kindle. Well, kindle is not enough, even the DXG or oasis.

    Proer reading would defnite want A4 like Ereaders. Yes, Sony provide that type of product since As for Tencent, they have a very successful platform called Wechat. If you were in China, you can finish everything via the Wechat only Chating, caring, washing your car, deliverying, ordering, paying for your lunch and so on. From last year, they started a mini program called Wechat Reading.

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    Nowadays, this platform is not big enough but they have over Millions users, a great portion of those people do pay for books Totally different from that China in stereotype 10years ago. BN Premium member would really enjoy to read their Professional books on the best E-ink readers. Amazon cannot easily follow as they ate just product centric, full of low-end customers have thin margin.

    Lastly,BN may create a somewhat special service. Like 24hrs carrel area Just like carrels in Van Pelt. I have to say there are not few people prefer to work or study,write in night.

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    Humans Reached the Roof of the World 40, Years. Learning to Speak Latino. Science Age of Humans. A New Treatment for Blindness. America's Most Revolutionary Artist. At the Smithsonian Visit. Looking at Artists Looking at Themselves. Photos Submit to Our Contest. Photo of the Day. Subscribe Top Menu Current Issue. For six weeks, luna moth caterpillars gorge themselves on the leaves of the marula tree. Then, when they're ready, they instinctively weave giant cocoons around themselves in preparation for their stunning metamorphosis.

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